Ozark Trout Fishing Fall Getaways

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By Moose

Here on the White River the “official” start of Ozark Trout Fishing Fall Getaways starts right around October 1. This years season is no exception, with temps at night in the low forties and the afternoon in the mid seventies it is truly perfect trout fishing weather. Throw in the beginning of the fall colors that will crescendo into the first of November and near perfect water flows and you have a recipe for the perfect Ozark Trout Fishing Fall Getaways. It gets better than this somewhere, I just haven’t found where that somewhere is.

Our first guests this fall were a charming couple from Ohio. Dr. Nash Gabrail and his lovely wife Shelly. We spent our first October weekend together with them, and we hall had a great time. We enjoyed great evenings with wine and wonderful cigars made by Nashs’ son in the Dominican Republic. I don’t smoke myself but Nash and Shelly have an acute love of the finer things in life. Nash said his sons cigars are made by the finest cigar makers in the world and they surpass the “forbidden Cubans” in flavor and quality. I am not one to argue, but the smiles on their faces certainly said it all.

Our times spent conversing on the back deck with good wine and great company make Tina and my jobs seem impeccably perfect. The clear starlit nights with smooth Jazz playing on the back deck with the occasional shooting star made it all seem surreal. Later on hopping in the 102 degree jacuzzi and taking in the milky way right above you tops off an amazing evening.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Nash and Shelly caught over 80 fish in a single days fishing with a twenty inch German Brown being the largest for the day. That is some fine trout fishing in anybodys book, and I should mention that neither of them fish very often. However, even with the great fishing and even better fishing stories, including seeing bald eagles, both while they were fishing, and at eye level from the back deck. My personal highlight had to be Nash preparing an awesome Iraqi dinner, “FOR US!!” This is certainly not the norm here, as they were our guests, and we try to pamper our guests as much as possible. However, Nash has a passion and obvious talent as a chef, and I have a passion and a talent for eating so it was a match made in heaven.

We all enjoyed a wonderful dinner of Basmati rice covered in an exqusite Okra and tomato dish. I told Nash that only southherners ate Okra. He politely told me that Okra was actually “invented ” in Iraq and that we had stolen it from them. After tasting his dish I had to agree it was better than simply frying it so they must have had it first. We also had a cucumber,onion and tomato salad with “secret” ingredients that was fresh and wonderfullly simple but tasty. Our entree consisted of marinated skewered Kabobs that were to die for.They were tender and not overseasoned but the flavor was distinct and most excellent. I might add they were done to perfection. As a matter of fact, Tina and I enjoyed the ”leftovers” for lunch, and everything was just as good as the night before. All in all our new friends have educated us and enlightened us and made our lives more full.

Sometimes, as I reflect on all the blessings I have been given,I fail to realize that the greatest ones are new found friends and cherished old ones. In these times of war and economic crisis worldwide, it is certainly a joy to meet and befriend a man from another country we are at war with and realize that so many stereotypes are just that, stereotypes!

Personally, I feel what we could all use more of, are caring people with a ready smile, kind heart, and quick wit like Nash Gabrails. People who are making a difference in others lives. We want and need to see people as individuals with special God given talents that make the world a better place to live, no matter what country they are from or where they live. And last, but certainly not least, we all should sit and break bread together more often with both strangers and friends. A warm fire and good meal shared, always seems to go a long way in making the world a better place to live, one day at a time.

To plan a trip or to just chat about fishing, give us a call at 870-430-2233.

Tight Lines to Ya,


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