Top Ten Reasons to Trout Fish the White River

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By Moose

Today I decided to sit down and give some thought to The Top Ten Reasons To Trout Fish The White River. These are not listed by rank, except number ten, which should be the number one on everybody’s list.

1: The fishing is good all year. 365 days. We have 4 distinct seasons with beautiful spring and fall foliage. The winter months are some of the best for our trophy brown trout.


The back deck after an ice storm, Jacuzzi time!

2:The White River below Bull Shoals is NEVER unfishable. We just have had the Highest flows since Bull Shoals Dam was built and the fishing has been excellent. We are a tail water fishery, so we are not affected by snow melt and runoff.

3:It is the best Brown trout fishery in the United States, period. The White has produced several world record browns over the years. It still consistently produces more double digit fish than anywhere else.

4: All 4 species of trout are in The White River and the nearby Norfork River. The White is one of the few places in the country that a grand slam in a single day on a single river is possible.

5: It is closer to most people than the fisheries in the mountain areas, and is not remote. All of it is accessible by boat and can be waded with low water in its entirety. There are no “private” stretches owned by individuals!


A very nicely colored White River Brown!

6: It is priced way below most trout fisheries in the United states, An average guided day will run about half of a day out west. There are lodges and “resorts” to meet any budget. There are many different guides on the White and the majority are full timers who have fished the river all their lives. They are not part time “summer help”.

7: The river is stocked with 1.5 million trout a year at an average size of 14 inches. More than any other river in this country. The river is virtually full of fish, producing a very high success rate.

8: The catch rates are phenomenal with the average being around ” TWENTYFISH PER PERSON PER DAY “ on a guided float trip ” A DAY “! One Hundred fish days for spin fishermen are very common (2 anglers). The fly fishermens numbers don’t usually run that high. A solid 15 to 20 fish per angler, depending on skill level, is probably still a conservative number. When a good hatch is on that number rises considerably.


Nearly 20 pounds on a Big Streamer. Winter is great for huge fish!

9: The Average Brown Trout is a solid 16 or 17 inch fish, and are 95% wild spawned fish! Virtually all of the rainbows are stocked, as they don’t spawn well in our river. The browns, in contrast, are very successful and are growing very well. The current regulation on size is one fish over 24 inches a day. This being the legal creel limit nearly, all brown trout are released to fight again.

10: Last but not least, when you come to the White River you can stay at the White River Inn. We invite you to check out our website and give us a call at 870-430-2233 to answer any questions you might have or to make a reservation.


The White River Inn Great Room, or at least part of it.

I knew I should have made it the top 20 reasons. What can I say. Well I guess I will just post Top Ten # 2 list and you will get the General idea why The White River is the Number One Trout Fishery in the United States.

Tight Lines To Ya,






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