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By Moose

Here at The White River Inn, I consider myself extremely lucky to work with Arkansas’ Best Fly Fishing Guides on nearly a daily basis. These guys are not just one of the guides you hire and float down the river with, hoping for the best. They are truly experts in any and all aspects of flyfishing. The best of the best.


Ben and Kevin/A great fish!

Arkansas’ Best Fly Fishing Guides do so much more than just take you fishing. There are quite a few guides on The White River, as well as other rivers, who are very good flyfishermen. There are others with great personalities who are wonderful hosts and a lot of fun on the river. Then there are those who’s knowledge about their rivers and/or lakes is vast and they can also talk a “good line”. The problem is there are not very many who can do it all at an expert level. You can probably see where I am going with this. The fact is that a Great guide is sometimes very hard to find!


Chad and Greg Slavik with a beautiful male brown

I am going out on a limb here. I think that the single most evident trait that ALLthe truly great guides have, in addition to their field of expertise, is that they care! They care about you, your safety, your vacation. They care about the value “You” put on the day spent under their care and tutelage! They are concerned with every aspect of your trip from start to finish, period.

After six years in the flyfishing and lodging business, and forty years of hunting and fishing all over the world and in the good old USA, I have crossed paths with and fished and hunted with lots of guides around the world. A few have been great, most have been good, and thankfully only a handful have done a dismal job. Looking back, I find that after all the trips are over, and the gear is stowed away, that the fondest memories I have are not the fish caught or the trophy animals taken. The best memories are about the friends and guides I get to spend those special times with that really stick with me.


A great guide with a mighty fine river smallie/Bens specialty!

Today, the reason I decided to write this particular post is a singular comment that I am hearing over and over from so many of our guests. It is not a statement I take lightly. More and more often I am hearing it from seasoned anglers who have literally fished all over the world. Many of our guests are beginning flyfishermen and would be easily impressed with a good bunch of fish and a great day on the river. However, when an advanced flyfisherman, who has fished all of the West’s famous rivers and from Patagonia to New Zealand (famous for great guides), and many places in between says it, I TAKE NOTICE.

“He is the best guide I have ever fished with, PERIOD!” Kevin said. I thought for a moment and began to consider how many times I have heard those exact words.

WOW! is all I can say. We are so fortunate to have some of Arkansas’ Best Flyfishing Guides right here on our stretch of River. What a pleasure it is to know that each time our guests leave our lodge for a day on the river, that they are fishing with truly great guides, who have our clients’ safety and best interests as their number one goal! I am honored to call these guys friends.

I probably should have mentioned this earlier. These guides that I am talking about are NOT my employees. They are all independent guides who work as guides, full time, for themselves. They are independent operators, without them we could not operate as we do here at the lodge knowing our guests are fishing with the very best the White River has to offer.


The Guides!!

To all of you guys who work hard with and for us, Thanks. You truly are the best of the best!
If you have any questions about Flyfishing The White River or just fishing in general, give me a call at 870.430.2233.

Keep your lines tight,



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