Family Trout Fishing Get Away

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By Moose

Sometimes a Family Trout Fishing Getaway is just what the Doctor ordered for some special times with your children or grandchildren. This last week we were fortunate to have Dr. Bill Martin and his wife Sabra up for a day of fishing with their lovely granddaughter Julia. Julia was down from Montreal, Canada and was ready to try her hand at fly fishing. She had only fished once before, but this 13 year old, 5 ft foot nine inch rugby player was game for anything! Sabra decided to stay here at the lodge and let Bill and Julia have some one on one time. Marc was here to pick them up at 7:30 sharp. After a hearty breakfast and a quick goodbye they were off to start their day at Dry Run Creek.


Marc and Julia with her trophy brown trout. Great job Julia!!


Julia, ready to catch some trout!

Dry Run Creek is a great little trout stream that is loaded with sizeable trout! Believe it or not this is a bit of an understatement. For a Family Trout Fishing Getaway, it doesn’t get any better than Dry Run Creek. This gem of a trout stream is only available to kids under sixteen and the severely handicapped. Julia was definitely in for a treat! When I asked Julia what the highlight of her day was, she said, “getting to spend a great day with my grandfather was THE BEST, and catching a huge 6 pound brown trout was a close second.” Julia caught nine or ten trout in a half day on Dry Run with several rainbows, a cutthroat, and her fat trophy Brown trout.


Julia, Bill, And Sabra, A great Fishing Getaway!

After a half day on the “little creek” Marc took them over to the White River and finished up the day. They fished right below the Dam and hooked a couple of very nice rainbows but the “fish gods” did not smile on them. About the time they arrived, the dam began to fluctuate water flows and this made the fishing more difficult as the water got “yucky” with a lot of algae. The scenery however, was beautiful, and it is a neat experience to be fishing right in the tail water of such a monstrous piece of engineering.

At the end of the day, Sabra was well rested, Julia had several notches on her trout fishing belt, and they all had fond memories of a day on the White River and The White River Inn. I know Tina and I enjoyed their company and we count ourselves fortunate to have made new friends. I know the next trip, Julia is going to try for a grand slam on Dry Run Creek, and I think she just might pull it off.


Marc and Julia The Fishing Team!!

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