Fly Fishing the White River / A Great Father Son Trip!

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By Moose


Jack with a nice brown caught and released

Fly fishing the White River makes a great father son trip anytime of year. This last weekend with Chris Walker and Jack Fain of Dallas Texas has to be one of the best trips I have ever been able to host and witness. I even remembered to bring my camera so it will never be forgotten.These two twelve year old boys who happen to be” Best Friends” came up with their dads and had a blast. The first day between the two of them they landed 87 trout.Yes they counted! From the time they arrived it was ‘Katy, bar the door.”


Two Buds fishin!

The second day was just a few less fish but some monsters were taken including a 5 pound 3oz cutthroat. It was the largest “cut” I have seen taken in my life. These two fished hard for 2 days on Dry Run Creek, a hidden gem of a trophy trout stream for kids under 16 and the severely handicapped. My good friend Dave Whitlock was an integral part of the design team who built this world class stream, right down to where to put the rocks. It is gorgeous!


A 5 lb 2 oz cutthroat, A magnificent trophy!


A pristine fishery full of trophy size trout!

If you are planning a father son trip. Fly fishing the White River and in particular Dry Run Creek would be a hard trip to beat. It is always wadeable on Dry Run Creek, the fish can be huge, and it can be fished with fly or spinning gear. It has a single barbless hook requirement which lends itself to flies but jigs and small globugs can be fished equally as well on spinning gear. No bait fishing is allowed. Of course it is 100% catch and release.

Chris and Jack fished a 13 year cicada hatch, they caught the majority of their fish on cicada imitations and some soft hackles. With the shallow, crystal clear waters, they could see most of the fish they were fishing for, and when those trout rose up and took the fly right before their eyes, it was a sight to see! My hat is off to both of their fathers who followed them each day, and all day, verbally supporting their boys with encouragement through the good times and through a few heartbreaks as well. Jack had TWO huge fish on that came unbuttoned. The first, a rainbow well over ten pounds, was off fairly early and didn’t hurt quite so bad. But the second fish, a gargantuan Brown was fought well, and for a while I might add! Marc the guide, jumped in from a ledge to net it at the last moment! The fish was IN the net, and it was almost picture time. Then with one final surge it was over the edge of the net, gone. I think we all shed a tear over that one. I am sure the brown was in the 8 to 9 pound range. Jack is coming back this summer for redemption, and at twelve I am sure he is going to catch a lot more Dry Run Creek Trophies!


Teamwork! Jack and Chris’ trophy brown, no guide needed!

Speaking of trophies, I must share the trip highlight for all of us. Shortly after lunch the guides went to launch the drift boats and Jack and Chris wanted to fish “on their own.” The guides had handed over their rods and said have a good time. The two were off in a flash to explore and conquer! When I decided to check on them, I came up on Chris sprinting toward me as fast as he could run in waders, my heart skipped a beat! Before I could say anything he yelled,”WE caught a Huge Brown, where is the camera?” The fact he said “we” made me smile. I headed toward Jack and the fish, as Chris barreled by me at warp speed. When I arrived, I was shocked to see Jack on his hands and knees in the middle of the creek. He had at least a 6 lb Brown in the net, reviving it! As its colors glistened in the sun, I wasn’t sure which was brighter, Jacks smile or the fish. I said, “congratulations Jack.” He quickly answered back, “Chris caught it, but I went in after it cause this one wasn’t gonna get away!” As I looked at this young man who had lost two magnificent fish himself, but yet was ecstatic that his buddy had landed yet another trophy, I just smiled a great big smile and said, “Great Team work Jack!”


A nice cutthroat with a cicada fly in his mouth

I am fortunate on these occasions to get to witness the bonding of two lifelong friends and two fathers with their sons making lifetime memories that I am sure will be shared and cherished for decades. I think if life gets better than this somewhere, I just don’t know where that place could possibly be.





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