Springtime on the White River

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By Moose

Springtime On The White River is a great time of the year for many reasons. As a fly fishing enthusiast, sometimes I tend to focus on that aspect alone. With all the hatches coming off the fish start keying on midges, then on caddis, and finally on mayflies through May and early June. The fishing is usually fantastic! But Springtime On The White River is about so much more than just fishing. Life begins for so many things in the spring it is truly a phenomenal place to live. I count my blessings most every day!


Two of the six babies


A baby armadillo

Three evenings ago we had some guests out on the back deck. When we looked down and across the river, there were four baby red foxes. They were running around all over, just playing by the river. They acted like little puppies jumping on each other and biting each others tails. We watched them through our telescope and binoculars for almost half an hour. They were too far for the lens on my camera to get good shots, but it sure was entertaining watching them! When a young Labrador puppy got within about 100 yards, they all ran back to their den. I’ll enjoy watching them play til they grow up and leave the den. This is the fourth year we have had the pleasure of watching this fox family raise its pups.

Yesterday, as I was returning from my daily 8 mile walk, I heard some rustling in the bushes. Always curious about what’s in the bushes, I began to try to figure out what it was. Much to my surprise, I spotted a softball sized, baby armadillo rooting around. It was oblivious to my presence as it searched for insects in the leaves. As I walked a little further, there was more noise AND more baby armadillos! There were six of them following each other around and crawling on each others tails. Yes, I know they are a nuisance animal as far as animals go, cause they dig up my yard just like everybody elses. But nuisance or not, they are cute little guys. So when I got home I told Tina there was an Armadillo “hatch” I wanted her to see! She loves baby animals. When we got there, they were still rooting and crawling around so I got some great “baby dillo” pictures.


A beautiful little fawn

Today, Tina and I left out for our walk and had only gone a few hundred yards when I heard a faint bleating noise. As I tried to see into the trees to determine the noise maker, out wobbled a brand new whitetail fawn! It’s little legs were wobbly and he was unsure of his footing. He was probably only a day or so old! He continued to bleat, and I was fearful a coyote or dog would hear him. As he walked into the grass bleating, he stopped and laid down. I slowly approached his hiding spot. His camouflaged coat was perfect in the leaves as the sun glistened down on his back. I slowly crept away from him and ran back home to get my camera. When I got back, Tina had marked the spot precisely where he laid down. After some looking around, I found him curled up motionless. I was careful not to touch him or alarm him as I snuck in for just a few photos. He is truly one of God’s most beautiful creations, and I am so lucky to get to witness the beginning of his life. I am sure soon enough he will be in our yard with his mother eating under our feeder and enjoying the abundant foliage and browse here on the bluff.


A close up!

As I reflect on everything Tina and I and our guests get to witness here at the lodge, it’s no wonder that Springtime on the White River isn’t just about the great fishing. I hope you enjoy looking at the the photographs as much as I did taking them.

Tight Lines to You All,




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