Tailwaters Fly Fishing All Inclusive Trip

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By Moose


A Big Breakfast to start the day off right!

This past weekend we had our first full lodge booking with a Tailwaters Fly Fishing All Inclusive Trip. It was a big success from every aspect! Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company is a first rate Fly Fishing Shop and Travel agency based out of Dallas, Texas. Tailwaters is owned and operated by David Leake, a young, enthusiastic and well travelled gentleman, who is as obsessed with fly fishing as anybody I know. His General manager Travis Moore certainly shares his enthusiasm and was the group’s host. Travis did an exceptional job of making sure each and every one of the clients was well taken care of. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Chief guide, and owner of Trout And Timbers Outfitters, Forrest Smith who did an exceptional job as well. He made the coordinating of each guide with the clients and their differing abilities look easy, certainly a skillset to be valued in our line of work.


Everybody is ready, Let the Fishin Begin!

We definitely had a diverse group of anglers. Everything from a married couple who were beginners, to a father son group of intermediates, as well as two very accomplished anglers. The beginners and family group fished midges the majority of the time and did very well. They even caught some on dries. Of course the White River is famous for its midge fishing as we have a midge hatch pretty much year round. With the proper size and presentation, you can expect to always catch some fish most anytime of year. I should mention that the water was high all but one day and the fishing was still good.


Travis Moore with A Very Nice Brown!

The two advanced anglers, Travis and Eric, came on this Tailwaters All Inclusive Trip for one reason. BIG BROWN TROUT! They didn’t catch any double digit trout, but they made a better than average showing, with lots of 18 to 20 inch trout and a few that were pushing the 23 to 24 inch mark- certainly trophy trout by anybody’s standards. Eric and Travis fished big streamers the majority of the time, hitting pocket water and structure with precision casts to great holding water. They did have a lot of “follows” from much larger fish (up to 8 or 9 pounds) which is all part of the streamer game. All the lookers aren’t takers, but it sure keeps the blood flowing when you have a huge fish swimming right up to your boat before sinking into the depths so close you could touch him with your rod tip. Such is life on the river!


A beautiful White River Cutthroat

There is a lot more to a fishing trip than just fishing, as you well know. Tina and I are honored to be affiliated with The Tailwaters team, and strive to bring the best in food, lodging and amenities unmatched anywhere on the White River to our guests. A tailwaters fly fishing all inclusive trip means just that, everything that you need is provided. You can bring all of your own gear, or you can come with just your clothes if you want. EVERYTHING is provided for you. If you would like to enjoy a trip on the Famous White River and stay at the White River Inn, give David or Travis a call at Tailwaters Fly Fishing in Dallas Texas at (888) 824-5420 and tell them Moose sent you.




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