White River Caddis Hatch

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By Moose


A White River Caddis Hatch of epic proportions happened last weekend on the upper stretch of The White River! And as luck would have it, we just so happened to have three fly fishing couples up from Florida. Two of the couples were total novices and one couple has fished many of the worlds greatest trout waters from New Zealand to Patagonia to all of the West’s famous rivers. It should go without saying, that with that mix, we were hoping to pull the “Great Fishing Rabbit” out of the hat! Our guides did a great job, and nature provided all the rest of the excitement. It was truly an unbelievable weekend of fishing!

Of course with beginning fly fishermen, we always want them to get off to a great start. A White River Caddis Hatch would usually be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak, to get someone started with a bang! With trout popping on the surface virtually everywhere, and the subsurface fish being even more active, it is fly fishing pandemonium. A couple hundreds of hungry trout feeding ravenously where you can visually see and cast to them, and four excited first timers, and a dream comes true for everybody! After the first day of fishing, the chatter and bragging on the back deck was a sight to see. The scary thing is, it was the women doing most of it. When you put lifelong friends, good wine, great fishing and perfect weather together, being a fishing lodge owner doesn’t get much better. After all the camaraderie, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner by Tina and got ready for the next day!


Kevin and maureen with one of many doubles, and their browns!

Following a huge breakfast, we sent the couples out with the instructions ”catch more today”! Everybody laughed and said that was impossible. But as “The Fishing Gods” would have it, the wind laid, the caddis hatched earlier, the novices got their casting down, and the trout cooperated! That is actually an understatement! They whacked fish ALL DAY LONG. Kevin, my seasoned angler, and his wife said,” they had never caught fish like this ANYWHERE”. Kevin said they made over one hundred drifts and hooked or landed a fish on all but one drift. He also said they actually started trying for doubles and had more than they could count. If he hadn’t been so ”giddy”, like a little boy, I would have thought he was stretching it a little bit. Ben (his guide) confirmed the fishing was as he put it, ” as good as it gets”. If Ben says it, I am taking it to the bank!


Chad’s helping Greg hold this one cause it’s sooo big!

All in all, any day on the White River, or any river for that matter, is a great day! But every now and then,when all the stars are aligned, one little caddis makes its way to the surface and starts something that fly fishing dreams are made of! A White River Caddis Hatch!

If you would like more information on fishing the White River, or if you just want to talk fishing, give me a call at 870.430.2233.

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