White River / Cicada Hatch is On!

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By Moose

The White River Cicada Hatch Is On in full swing right now. This usually triggers one of the best dry fly bites in the country in my opinion. This year is an exception in some ways. We have higher water than normal and the fish haven’t quite started keying on them just yet. When the White River Cicada Hatch gets going on the lower White River it usually pushes up the river toward the dam. As our river recedes and gets clearer the trout will begin to feed heavily on these protein rich insects. Personally I don’t think trout know what protein is they just like to eat big juicy bugs.


A nicely spotted early spring brown trout!

I have heard some Great Reports on Dry Run Creek recently! The trout on this beautiful little creek are keying in on these 13 year old bugs, and some very large fish have been landed. Too bad for all of us who are over 16! Dry Run Creek is a fishery that is dedicated to kids under 16 and severely handicapped adults. If you want to get a youngster started fly fishing or just want them to catch a lot of fish on spinning rods, Dry Run Creek is the place to do it! One of the fly shop managers took his daughter last week and she caught about 25 fish in 2 hours! They were all caught on a White River Cicada pattern.


A fat Dry Run Creek rainbow,and a very happy little fly fisherman!

Being from Texas originally, I was surprised to find that these White River Cicadas were much smaller and darker than the ones that brought me such joy as a small boy. These 13 year cicadas are about an inch long and are nearly black, even on the under side. The cicadas (we called them locusts) in Texas were big and brown or Chartreuse green with a white underbelly. I spent many an evening as a small boy climbing trees to catch the “locusts” and I could tell what kind they were by their distinct noises. It was great fun, but I never used one as bait! I never knew there were so many different species, but then again entomology is not my strong point! Fly fishing is one of my strong points though, and I love to see trout take a dry fly off of the surface! As soon as I find the time or better yet, “make the time” to get out and enjoy this White River Cicada Hatch, I will. Because after all it only comes around every thirteen years.

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