White River Fishing Report 7/12/2011

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By Moose

This weeks White River Fishing Report has some great news for fly fishermen. We have LOW WATER. I don’t know how long this pattern is going to hold but for the last four days they have been turning the water off for as much as 12 hours at a time which has provided some great fishing opportunities. The fly fishermen have had some great wading action and the bite has been hot, on hopper dropper setups with the bottom fly being a small olive or back zebra midge. Some anglers are putting a very small wet fly behind the weighted midge pattern and are doing well on the trailing fly.


Julia is “bowed up” on a big one if Marcs in the water!

Our two anglers up this last weekend had a great morning wading and whacking fish at one of the local shoals on their own. I took them down and showed them the spots and they did the rest. The olive Zebra midge was the ticket for them. They did not catch any browns which was surprising, as the brown bite has been very good. On a high note though, most all of the rainbows they caught and that all of our clients have been catching have been beautifully colored river fish(a fish that has been in the river long enough to have traditional coloring). I don’t know where all of the “stockers” are right now but the size and health of the fish is certainly showing from all this high water feeding.


A beautiful trophy rainbow!

The spinfishing has been excellent as well. Th guides have been able to fish the traditional “rise” of the river. Staying out of, and ahead of, the “dirty” water has made for some very nice catches. The browns have been cooperating for the most part, with the average fish being around 16 inches. There are a lot of fish being landed in the 18 to 21 inch range as well. The 2 year old change in size restrictions on brown trout is paying off big time. The 24 inch, one brown trout limit per day, is virtually turning the White River into a “brown trout factory”. The next two to three years we will continue to see the average size of the browns continue to increase. I fully expect that with this years high water and feeding opportunities that the growth rate on all of our fish will exceed normal rates. I am going out on a limb here just a little, but by the summer of 2013, I expect our average brown trout will be in the 19 to 20 inch range! There are so many 20 inch fish in the White River right now that this is probably on the conservative side.

I am sure that in the not too distant future the Corps will begin to run all 8 generators to draw down the lake to its normal pool level. The demand for electricity will be the greatest through July and August due to the heat. Until then this wonderful flow pattern we are experiencing is going to provide the best of both worlds for both spin and fly fishermen. If your thinking about trout fishing on the White River now is a great time to come.


Marc nearly let this photo slip out of his hands.A very nice brown!

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