White River Fishing Report /July 9 2011

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By moose

Fly Fishing on the White River has been good, but not excellent. All of our guides are catching fish right now and are having good days for The White River. Anywhere else they would be great days,especially with most of the Rocky m West being blown out due to the high snowfall last year. The usual high water patterns are working very well and there are a few fish still being caught on dries. I was on the river with a guest a few days ago and there were still a few caddis coming off surprisingly.


Eric and a nice White River Brown Trout

The last two days they have turned the water all the way off for 6 to 8 hours which has given us some wade-able water in certain stretches. I don’t know how long this “pattern” will continue but it is good while it is here. The river fluctuations have been random with no predicting any certain time schedule. I am sure the fish are ready for the hoppers to hit the water any time now, and we are coming into that great hopper season that always happens in July and August. You terrestrials


Tina and Pete having a great time!

Spin Fishing has been excellent as always on the White River. Dan Ballard was here for two days from Colorado Springs(he knows where the fish are always biting) and he had 49 trout with a couple of Browns in the mix for one days fishing. It is always great to see our long time customers, and we enjoyed a half day fishing together. I would expect any time now that Bull Shoals will open all eight gates to begin to drop the lake, and also produce some electricity for the upcoming hot months.

If the White River is on your agenda for the summer give us a call and let us help you plan your trip. Our number here at the White River Inn is 870-430-2233. We look forward to hearing from you.



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