White River Fishing Report June 1, 2011

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By Moose
The White River fishing report from the White River Inn could not be better this week for one reason. It is a first hand report! That’s right, Tina and I finally took the time to get out and fish, Hooray! The White River fishing report we have been reading in our local paper has been in stark contrast to what our clients and guides have been experiencing. We just decided to check it out for ourselves and are so glad we did. The fishing we experienced on the high flood waters was just about as good as I have had in 10 years of fishing on the White River. Tina and I caught over 75 fish in just six hours! We were fishing with one of The White Rivers best guides, Mr. Pete Cobb. He is one of the top independent guides here at the White River Inn and is as good as they get.


A beautiful bird in flight

I guess other than the health of the fat chunky fish, which are feeding incessantly 24 hours a day, the most impressive thing was the huge number of Brown Trout! We didn’t catch 50/50 but it was very close. Where we use to catch 15 or 20 rainbows to one brown. It is probably now close to 70/30 Bows to Browns. The average size is approximately 16 inches. These wild spawned Browns are terrific fighters and are in the air quite a bit.

Personally, I believe the 2 year old regulation on the size limit and number of Brown Trout per day is really beginning to show results. You are able to keep only one Brown a day and it must be 24 inches in length. In my opinion a trophy of that size should always be released and usually is. All in all it was a great day on the river with great weather, eagles, and more trout than we could count!


One of Tina’s nice Browns! She definitely out-fished me, like usual.

To write a White River Fishing Report and not clarify the water levels would be a disservice to all of our readers looking for the fishing facts. The fact is that we have experienced the highest water levels on the upper White River since the inception of the Bull Shoals Dam in the mid fifties. Many people up stream and down have been affected by the high water which we witnessed first hand yesterday. However, virtually every resort is open for business. The water is moving very quickly but is not difficult to fish. Watching behind your boat as you drift down is paramount, and” NO DRAG CHAINS should be used at all.”


Pete And Tina, a Top Team! Do they look happy or what?

Fishing the White River is best fished with a highly qualified guide with the water at this level. This is the same recommendation I make to all my clients when we are running 7 or 8 generators out of Bull Shoals. The river is Big Water on 8 generators and inexperienced river fishermen can get into trouble in many ways. Couple expert boat handling, years of experience, and a daily knowledge of where the fish are, and you can see why a guide is not only great for safety issues, but he also provides a worry free, fun environment on the river. THAT, in a nutshell, is what our guests come here for. You should never settle for less!


Three Baby Herons in a nest. They sure eat a lot of trout!

Along these lines, guides come in all shapes and sizes, and from many different backgrounds. There are quite a few guides I would send my grandchildren out alone with, and then there are some I wouldn’t send anybody out with. Choose your guides wisely! Get referrals and don’t be influenced by cheap prices. The best guides on the White River are not part timers, they guide for a living. Fishing is what they do. The money a person ”saves” is quickly forgotten after a “Bad Day” on the river or worse. Fishing with a reputable lodge or outfitter is a sure way to make your trip safe and enjoyable.

If your plans include a trip to the White River this summer, give me a call here at The White River Inn at 870-430-2233 or subscribe to my blog and check on the weekly fishing conditions and reports. Until then!


His Majesty!!

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