White River Flooding/ Fishing Report May 27, 2011

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By Moose

As most of you know, the White River Flooding over the last few weeks has been setting records for high water flows since the dam was built forming Bull Shoals Lake in the late fifties. However, before I start a fishing report for the current conditions, I would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to all of the families downstream who are suffering immensely and particularly those who are out of their homes at this moment due to the White River Flooding. Several of our friends have been pushed out of their home due to the quick rise in water level, and our hearts go out to all of you.

On the brighter side, the White River Flooding has not affected the fishing in a negative way. Two of our guides have fished the White River the last 3 days on the highest flows since the dams inception in the late fifties, (63,000 CFS) and the fishing is very good. Although the flows are moving at a high rate, the fish are doing what they ALWAYS do on a river rise. They Are Feeding! Trout don’t know how many generators are running. They only know they are seeing the biggest bunch of bugs and worms and edible creatures they have ever seen being washed into the river. This triggers a major feeding period that won’t stop until the water recedes. Savvy anglers are taking advantage and are whacking a lot of nice fish as they move into feeding channels and feast on what is floating by.


A nice High Water Brown

With the White River Flooding, and even on normal high generation (6 to 8 generators) streamer fishing is a deadly technique for the predatory brown trout. These large brown trout move shallow to feast on the smaller rainbows who are there for the smaller bugs and worms and also to enjoy a respite from the strong current flow. High water flows go hand in hand with an uptick on trophy brown trout being landed. A lot of our winter fly fishing clients pray for high water and plan their trips accordingly. They know high water translates into BIG BROWNTROUT!

The spin fishing guides also capitalize on the White River Flooding and the unusually rich forage being washed downstream. They simply use more weight on their river rigs to keep them down where the fish are holding. The bottom substrate breaks the current and forms feeding lanes for the fish to take advantage of. With the high flows, throwing heavy jigs and suspending twitch baits close to the bank is also a very productive way to land some very large fish. To sum things up, the White River Flooding is as positive for the fishery, as it is negative for those of us who live close enough to the river to have our homes flooded. The water WILL recede, and a brighter day will come. The trout will be fat and healthy from feeding incessantly 24 /7 and I for one will be out there chasing them! For more info on the White River Flooding and current fishing conditions or to plan a trip you can give me a call at 870-430-2233.

Tight Lines To Ya,


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