White River Fly Fishing With Dries!

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By Moose

White River Fly Fishing is most often times classified as nymph fishing at it’s finest. I personally feel that this is usually an accurate statement due to our predominant forage base of scuds and sowbugs, not to mention that we also have a year round midge population that seems to hatch out every day.


Turnin one loose,he’ll get bigger!!

However, what many people don’t know, is that during March, April, May and June the White River Fly Fishing with dry flies can be world class! We have a caddis hatch here in March and April that rivals any other river I have fished, and is closely followed by a superb sulfur hatch that would make most any dry fly purist drool.

Last week, Carl from Dallas, Texas, landed over sixty fish in one day on Elk Hair Caddis. He wanted dry fly action and boy did he get it! It was a personal best day for him, and he is planning an immediate follow up, if time off allows, for the sulfur hatch! Another couple from North Carolina enjoyed three very good days on the White River with a 100 plus fish day! They caught quite a few on dries, but found it difficult to move from a “take” on every cast to the relatively slow “rise or take” on every fourth or fifth drift with dries. It really was a “Pick Your Poison” kind of weekend as far as dries and nymphs were concerned. The Grubbs out of Heber Springs, Arkansas both had exceptional days as well, and were pushing the 100 fish mark on Saturday as well as having a great all around weekend.


A very respectable White River Brown!

For any fly fisherman who wants to experience great dry fly action, now would be a great time to try the White River. We have great guides here at the lodge, and there are many different packages we can put together for anglers of all skill levels. If you just want to talk fishing or have specific questions on flies, gear, or the usual hatch times, just give me a call at 870.430.2233, and I’ll try to steer you in the right direction!

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