Michelle from South Carolina came up for a White River Family Fishing Getaway and I think Tina and I enjoyed it as much as they did. I do have to admit that they were troopers. To begin their White River Family Fishing Getaway they stopped for a night on the Buffalo River. The water wasn’t high enough to canoe, but they camped out there anyway. It was 100 degrees and they were in tents! Oh to be young again. They said they had a great time but were glad to be here at the lodge for two nights. The Buffalo River is National Scenic river from its start to its confluence with the White River. A trip to the Buffalo is just one of the many side trips a family can enjoy here at The White River Inn.

The Snipes family , ready for a day of fishing!

The first night we got acquainted which was very easy with the gregarious seven year old Samuel. He was a ball of energy and loved bugs. We spent the evening talking about his “bazaar bug collection”. These were his words. In the morning we all had a big breakfast and then we headed down to begin the “official” White River Family Fishing Getaway”. The trout did not disappoint. Larry had them catching fish in a few moments and I know he had his hands full. I believe he said ,”I am a firm believer in livewell entertainment”. He had a livewell full of minnows and sculpins and Sam was the “bait getter.” They caught fifty or sixty trout that day and Michelle caught a very nice brown. Actually they caught several browns and it was a great trip for all. Tristin had a great showing as well with some very nice fish.

Michelle with a great brown! About 4 lbs!

With kids here at The White River Inn, we always want to make sure their White River Family Fishing Getaway includes something other than just great trout fishing. When I asked if a tractor ride or some four wheeler riding sounded interesting Sam was gung-ho. We drove down to the river on the four wheeler(his first ride ever) and waded after some crawdads.

Tristin and Sam going for a “tractor ride” in the Bucket!

When I fired up the tractor Tristin and Sam both were on board in the tractor bucket and we toured the 31 acres lookin at “stuff”. It was hard to say goodbye after two days of fun. They were headed to Greers Ferry Lake to get in one more night of camping in 100 degree heat before heading back to South Carolina. What can I say, kids just love the heat and rolling around in a tent.

Seven year old Sam is “Bowed Up” on a nice rainbow!

If a White River family fishing getaway sounds like something you might like to “experience”, give me a call and we can help you plan a great family trip including caving ,canoeing,and of course world class trout fishing. On all trout fishing trips you are guaranteed to catch fish or you don’t pay for the fishing,the trout fishing is just that good. Give us a call at 870-430-2233 and we’ll talk fishing!