White River Trout Fishing Report/ Feb. Shad Kill

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By moose

This is just a short heads up for all of you trout fisherman who wait patiently for the annual Shad Kill. THEY’RE HERE!!

Yesterday the shad poured through the dam in numbers too large to count or estimate. Tens of thousands would be a good guess. We had two fly guides out ,and they were doing very well on White Micro Jigs(a no brainer). All of the fish they caught were simply stuffed, quite literally to the gills. The trout had begun feeding sometime during the night when the shad began coming through and were regurgitating them as they were fighting. They all looked like overstuffed footballs.

The shad have been seen as least as far as Wildcat Shoals down river. This is about 12 miles down river from the dam. What this means to the fisherman who are “in the know”, is the trout have basically been fed appetizers for at least 12 miles of river and “Brown Trout dont forget”. These large Browns and their cousin rainbows will be “keying on” anything white for the next month or two. This “White River Shad Kill Phenomenon” happens every year around this time and the trout are accustomed to it. I feel they quite literally expect, and wait for, this huge source of easy to get protein every February and March. Some of the largest fish caught and released back into the river are caught at this time of year!

If you have ever wanted to fish The White River at its’ finest, now is the time to be on the river. Flyfisherman Spinfishermen and even the guys throwing lures and bait up their odds of catching a trophy size Brown Trout significantly during this Shad Kill. If you have never fished the White River, or if you are a regular, call your favorite guide or lodge and come see what the White River has to offer.

If you have any questions about the “Shad Kill” or anything else about the White River feel free to give me a call at 870-430-2233.

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